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Tel Turnbull, a traditional potter and carpenter, specialises in wood fired pottery and recycled timber furniture. Tel is available for both pottery and woodwork commissions, so please feel free to contact him with any enquiries.

Born in the industrial Midlands, some of my first recollections were of the smoking bottle kilns, sadly they took the dinosaur route to extinction. My training began officially in Rye, Sussex, England, where I apprenticed from the depths of frozen glazes to the blistering heat of electric trolley kilns. Those days, working alongside craftsmen potters, were instrumental in shaping my future, absorbing years of experience without realizing it.

From the mass-production of the commercial pottery, to fledgling throwing at night, with my tutor and mentor, Yan Masied, the magic of the wheel was conjured for me. Later years at Wendfordbridge, Cornwall, home of Micheal Cardew, Seth Cardew expanded my horizons. I was introduced to the mysteries of wood firing, in a kiln not dissimilar to those of my youth.