Raku Kiln

The word RAKU is actually a family name in Japan, translated it can mean enjoyment or pleasure. Raku kilns can be fired by gas, electricity, or as with mine, wood. This one took about an hour to reach temperature & then a further fifteen to twenty five for each subsequent load. Once heated in the kiln, the ware is subjected to a reduction atmosphere by placing it in lidded containers, covered by various materials such as straw, sawdust, and leaves.


Base bricks laid onto
concrete blocks
Fire box with bars -
used perforated engineering
bricks on their side to locate
the fire bars
Kiln shelves, gap left so
flame can be seen
Chimney bricks being laid
by my ‘lovely assistant’
Completed kiln

Raku kiln Firing begins! Temperature A bit of ‘forced induction’ from the good old vacuum cleaner Next pots, heating on top