Medieval Pottery

The medieval artisan potter travelled from village to village, digging local clay from the river bank and using the resulting hole as a kiln. The pots were utilitarian ware, simple beautiful shapes, unfussy and with little glaze or decoration.

Tel is passionate about the philosophy and beauty of medieval pottery shapes and techniques and his love of this history has in fact led to him researching and then constructing a fully functioning 15th century potters wheel. His study of the life and work of the medieval potter and their wares is the inspiration for the throwing and building of his own beautiful and functional pots. To find out about having Tel and his fully equipped Medieval Pottery Scenario attend your event, please click here.

Wood Fired Pottery

Tel creates wood fired pottery using the traditional Japanese anagama (or tunnel) kiln, firing between three and five days with seasoned wood. The ash produced settles on the pots, creating a glaze which varies depending on the type of wood being fired.

A recent new direction for Tel is the building of a smaller anagama type kiln – this time utilising three chimneys and to be fired with sawdust. This material is readily available (and free!) and should produce similar types of glazes. In creating this kiln, Tel is copying the Baker Sawdust Injection System as pioneered in the United States. Watch this space for results….