The recycling of timber is dear to Tel’s heart and he uses it in most of his pieces. When Tel learnt that most County Councils condemn some 20,000 tons of timber to landfill every year, he was spurred into action. Tel combines recycled timber with driftwood and found pieces to build a range of beautiful and functional pieces, some examples of which are shown below. To view more of Tel’s woodwork, visit his woodwork gallery page.



Tel’s tables are typically made using heavy ‘Bower House’ timber, jointed and mixed with driftwood and ancient iron, studded and holed, incorporating flints and stone. These are as individual as the raw materials used and come in assorted sizes and shapes. Commissions welcome. View a selection of Tel’s latest range of tables.


So many carpenters no longer use the auger but rely on a variety of electronic means of making holes. Tel therefore uses these beautiful, majestic and underused tools to make candlesticks, together with tiny spoons to catch dripping wax. Tel’s candlesticks are available in many sizes and designs. Commissions welcome.